The School of Sound, UK




The School of Sound was founded in 1998 to promote a greater awareness of the creative use of sound in film through an international symposium for practitioners, academics, artists and students. Since then our programme has expanded to include all uses of sound in the arts and media. In our nine meetings we have introduced our audience to an eclectic group of speakers from cinema, theatre, radio, dance, sound art, poetry, music, education, fine arts, architecture, games, etc. The discussions have grown wider and deeper but at the heart of every presentation is how we experience sound, that is, how we listen – whether to a film, to a live performance or to an installation.

The SOS does not have a permanent base but has been able to expand its programme of education through an ongoing series of lectures, listening sessions and workshops, including The Soundtrack – an intensive 3-week practical course teaching the relationship between sound, music, image and narrative. The SOS has also published Soundscape: The School of Sound Lectures 1998-2001 and has links with The New Soundtrack journal.

The thinking behind the SOS has been always to integrate practice with theory and art with entertainment. And this is the spirit we will contribute to EMAS as we use our extensive experience working between the professional, artistic and educational sectors in planning its unique curriculum.