André Bendocchi Alves


ifs-köln, germany

Editing Picture and SoundStudies at USP Universidades de São Paulo.
Since 1988 freelance film editor and sound designer in Munich.
Founder and partner of 40° Filmproduktion GmbH.
In 2004 was President of the Palermo Film Festival del Mediterraneo.
Founder member of the Deutsche Filmakademie (German Film Academy) DFA.
Member of the Bundesverband Filmschnitt Editor e.V. (Federal Association for Film Editors).
Member of the Europäische Filmakademie (European Film Academy) EFA.SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY:2013 Bergmannskind
2012 Die Brücke am Ibar (Bernhard Wicki Filmpreis – Die Brücke – Der Friedenspreis des Deutschen Films, Nachwuchspreis & Darstellerpreis)
2011 Der Sommer der Gaukler
2011 Mama Africa
2010 Bergblut
2010 Picco
2009 Alias
2007 Selbstgespräche
2007 Steel Trap
2007 Ein fliehendes Pferd
2006 Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot
2006 NimmerMeer (Student Oscar)
2006 Vier Töchter
2005 Fratricide (Silberner Leopard Filmpreis Locarno)
2004 Schneeland (Nominierung Deutscher Filmpreis in der Kategorie »Beste Tongestaltung«)
2004 Musica Cubana
2003 Verschwende Deine Jugend
2003 The Poet
2002 Tattoo
2001 Das Sams
2000 Fandango
1997 Smillas Sense of Snow
1995 Der Totmacher
1994 Lisbon Story
1992 Knight Moves

The ifs is like a magnet, a place of intensive creativity where film is lived. And this is the only way to make good films. My position as a professor at the ifs makes it possible for me to share my experience as well as continue to expand it. And the best thing about this process is to experience how the ifs grows and develops. Film is life, film is passion and film should be fun! All this is possible here!